Mosquito Control Operations

Control of larval and adult mosquitoes is implemented whenever and wherever it is determined that mosquito populations have reached unacceptable levels for the public's health and well-being. Surveillance, source reduction, larviciding, and public education are used to reduce the amount of control measures that are needed. In addition, the District's preference is to apply larvicides to areas known to breed large mosquito populations. However, the end result of organized mosquito management is often the application of adulticides. When applied all larvicides and adulticides will be as safe and as environmentally friendly as possible. Additionally, caution will be used to avoid developing resistance to pesticides in local mosquito populations. Vendor applies only EPA and Idaho State registered public health pesticides labeled for mosquito control.



Surveillance/Control Zones


The Mosquito season is upon us! Surveillance and Larvicide efforts began in May.


Labels and MSDS of our most often applied products used for mosquito control:


  • VectoBac G (Biological Larvicide)
  • VectoBAC 12AS (Biological Larvicide)
  • COCOBEAR (Mosquito Larvicide Oil)


  • PermaSease 4-4
  • MasterLine Bifenthrin 7.9